Sunday, September 20, 2015

Single Needle Dialysis: Something I Learned at the University of Indiana Home Dialysis Conference

I attended the University of Indiana's conference September 17-18, "Building a Comprehensive Home Dialysis Program: 'The Road Home.'" I gave a presentation entitled "Caring for the Partner."

During the patient panel, I learned about the Medisystems double-lumen needle. The exterior lumen is 14 French, and it houses a more narrow needle inside. It is FDA-cleared for use in the US, and is currently undergoing pilot testing in 5-6 centers. It is hoped the double-lumen needle will be more generally available in January 2016.

Panelist Sharon Bradley holds the double-lumen needle in the photo above. She says it's "the best thing since sliced bread." Sharon had a very calm way about describing her home dialysis experiences. She seemed to take everything in stride - and was very clear about how home hemodialysis had improved her quality of life. NxStage should be hiring her as a spokesperson.

No doubt, a single needle-stick would improve the experience for many!

Many thanks to University of Indiana's Mike Kraus MD for coordinating a great conference.

Take care,
Linda Gromko MD

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