Saturday, September 7, 2013

Medical Writing Seminar Participants to Get a Glimpse of Home Dialysis

At my September 22nd Field's End Writing Seminar "Just What the Doctor Ordered," participants will get an upfront look at many things medical.  We'll cover medical terminology, basic disease processes, medical slang, "who's who on the medical food chain," and a range of other topics.

We'll have a number of writing exercises, of course. Like this one:

"Compare and/or contrast the following photos of individuals undergoing kidney dialysis treatments."

This photo of Bill Peckham dialyzing on a rafting trip - while drinking champagne from a can(!) - begs for comment, in contrast with the photo below it! The lower photo was lifted from the Internet: some unidentified woman tolerating her in-center treatment.


 What a difference!
A photo contrast like this reaffirms my confidence in the superiority of Home Dialysis!
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Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD