Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home Wins Global eBook Award

Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home: "The Underwear Factor" has won a 2012 Global eBook Award.

Published in 11/2009, the book was written by Interior Designer Jane McClure, and me. Born out of sheer practicality, this manual is intended to assist folks on Home Dialysis organize their living space - and their lives - as they provide life-saving medical care at home.

Early in the Home Hemodialyis process, Steve and I were forced to put our home on the market to sell. The boxes of dialysis equipment and medical supplies - let alone the dialysis machine - were not considered enhancements! Can you imagine our "open house?"

We asked Interior Designer Jane McClure to help us "stage" the home for sale. In the process, we learned volumes about the dynamics of homecare. We learned that:
  • It's important to maintain one's bedroom as a place of refuge - even if dialysis is performed there
  • Home Dialysis impacted our adolescent daughter and her friends; our whole family quickly learned that we'd have "dialysis friends" and "non-dialysis friends."
  • Simple storage solutions and furniture arrangements can work wonders in providing efficiency and comfort
  • Feeling in control of one's environment is especially important - when other things can feel so out of control!

The Global eBook competition draws worldwide entrants.  One of the judges weighing in on Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Come was Dr. Rene Chang, the retired Director of a Transplant Program in London.

Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home: "The Underwear Factor" is available on as a paperback or Kindle book.

Oh, why "The Underwear Factor"? Coined by Steve's nephrologist, Dr. Smiley Thakur, this term refers to the fact Home Dialysis allows you the freedom to dialyze on your own terms - even in the comfort of your underwear!

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD