Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time to Get Zealous!

I'm attending a Continuing Medical Education conference presented by the University of Washington today and tomorrow. It's a comprehensive CME on Diabetes for the Primary Care Provider.

Having done my late husband's home dialysis care for several years, I am very aware of the human costs of diabetic renal failure. Puncturing your spouse's arms with 15 gauge needles several times a week gives you the right to be a bit of zealot in wanting to prevent diabetes in general, and its renal complications in particular.

We offer a Weight Loss Program in my primary care clinic.Throughout the conference, we're hearing "diet and exercise." That's what we offer - and we take our clients on activities: rowing, kayaking, walking, etc. We're serious!

Queen Anne Medical Weight Loss holds an "Experience Rowing" event at
Lake Washington Rowing Club in May, 2011. This boat had lost a total of 300 pounds: enough
to "build" two whole rowers!

There's just no question about it: we can help reduce the severity and complications of diabetes through lifestyle measures: weight control, physical activity, etc.

We all need to be zealots in the area of prevention: health care providers, educators - all of us. Especially when you know what the consequences of diabetes can be, like I do.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD