Monday, October 21, 2013

Mid-Columbia Nephrology Seminar: Plenty of Content, an Abundance of Heart

In a well-orchestrated program led by Lyle Smith, MN, nephrology nurses and dialysis technicians from all over Washington and Oregon shared common - but challenging - concerns.

Held in Richland, Washington on October 20, 2013, issues covered included:
  • What's the most effective way to dialyze? How do you discharge an in-Center patient who is violent or otherwise inappropriate? What do the lab reports mean to our patients?
Dori Schatell, Director of the Medical Education Institute and co-author of the exceptional resource, "Help! I Need Dialysis!" spoke on issues of sexuality and fertility in the kidney patient. How much dialysis is necessary for a pregnant patient? How can we help our patients talk about sexuality concerns? How can we address self-image matters that impact relationships in all areas of life?

Jane McClure and I spoke about "How to Set Up Your Home Dialysis Center (Without Feeling Like You're Living in an ICU)." As the advantages of Home Dialysis become ever more clear, our patients need help in setting up their Home Centers in ways that are life-affirming!

Nancy Spaeth, RN - always inspiring after four kidney transplants - spoke about her experiences as one of the first Home Dialysis patients. She focused on the very real need for post-transplant patients to receive Physical Therapy and Physical Medicine care as part of their recovery.

It was a full and varied conference - plenty of content, and an abundance of heart.

Take care,
Linda Gromko MD