Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steve Gets a Hospital Tune-up

While Steve's respiratory symptoms quieted after the removal of some extra fluid via Peritoneal Dialysis, his wheezing and cough came back in earnest on Sunday. He was tiring out - and getting a little worried about something more serious like pneumonia.

So, rather than our Sunday date, we took a cabulance to Swedish Hospital.

Our whole family had had respiratory viral infections. But with Critical Illness Myopathy/Polyneuropathy, Steve may have more difficulty clearing out secretions. He did have a flu shot earlier in the year.

Steve spent a couple of nights in the hospital, getting antibiotics, bronchodilators, and a blast of anti-inflammatory steroids.

So whether it was an atypical pneumonia or a viral bronchitis, Steve did need treatment, and he felt better after the tune-up.

Breathing is, after all, non-negotiable.

Now that Steve has been in the hospital many times, he recognizes some of the nursing staff as friends.

A'dree-Rose Hollinger, RN - a Dialysis Nurse who has cared for Steve many times, stopped by to say hello. Steve loved her visit. We have a special place in our hearts for A'dree-Rose. She is one of the few nurses we've come across who knows intimately the process of Home Hemodialysis and Home Peritoneal Dialysis. She knows because she was her Grandfather's Home Dialysis helper while she was a student! We have been frequently surprised at how few health care professionals know that dialysis can be done at home - and with some significant advantages.

Tonight, it's nice to have Steve home again. I don't think he's out of the woods with respect to the respiratory symptoms. But we'll keep a close eye on him.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD

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