Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Going Out of Town Brings New Worries

Most of my professional training requirements can be met in Seattle, I do go out of town once in a while. Thursday and Friday of this week, I make a short trip to San Francisco for a training event related to the Weight Loss portion of my medical practice.

I am Steve's primary caregiver. As I write this, he's snoozing through his Peritoneal Dialysis run. But this evening, he's also been given medications; blood sugar has been checked and insulin's been given. I've turned him in bed, cleaned him, and tended to his skin care.

I realize that San Francisco is two hours away, and I leave Steve in many hands. There's my son Tim, who cares for Steve every weekday and coordinates all of his PT/OT and MD appointments. Tim has also been trained in Peritoneal Dialysis. And, of course, he's got the back-up of the Kidney Center nurses. Then, we'll have several hours of other caregivers' time each day for the more personal care.

Well orchestrated, the trip should come off without a hitch.

But here IS the hitch: the last time I left town for two days, Steve was still in the hospital. I came back to Seattle to find Steve delirious with a temp of 101, right upper quadrant tenderness - acute cholecystitis! Back to the ICU - once again.

I appreciate that Steve's health is tenuous enough that anything could tip his delicate balance at any time. So leaving town is nerve-jangling for me.

But, as before, I'm not in control here! I can orchestrate the things I can, and the rest will have to follow.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD

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