Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steve and Linda go out on a DATE!

Well, maybe it was the fact that Steve's friends really leaned on him about those juice boxes(!).

But last night, Steve took me to "our" wonderful little Japanese retaurant--Shima's on Bainbridge Island. This is a little oasis of tranquility and aesthetics, tucked in an ever-so-tiny space and serving meticulously prepared traditional Japanese food. Steve used to travel frequently to Japan when he worked with Onkyo Electronics, and he claims that Shima's would be typical of the many small, perfectly detailed restaurants in Japan.

The point, here, is that we went out. On a non-dialysis night, we spent a lovely hour together reminding ourselves of why we got together in the first place: competative-level banter, humor, the comfort of simple familiarity and sweet companionship.Steve just looked better. It was a perfect break from the over-abundance of activity in our lives. And how we needed it!

The take-home message for caregivers, "Dialysis Families," or busy people in general is obvious. Maintain the relationship, Remind yourselves why you ever connected in the beginning--before "life happened.."

It only took an hour, plus the recognition that it was an important way to spend a sliver of time when time is so precious. We sometimes forget these simple things, but it's the simple things that protect our hearts.
Take care. Linda Gromko, MD

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