Sunday, August 28, 2011

Journaling Reminds us Where We've Been

I don't write an official "journal." Rather, I write chapters - currently, I am working on a book with the working title: "From Complications to Grace: A Family Doctor's Journey." This will be the "rest of the story." My first book, "Complications: A Doctor's Love Story,":chronicled Steve's first year of End Stage Renal Disease, discussed Home Dialysis in some detail, and basically told the story of finding an atypical love in midlife.

Another great tool for journaling is, of course, blogging. This very simple accessible tool allows us to chronicle our own lives - and to be diligent at the discipline of regular writing. (Try your own at

Why should we journal anyway?

In my experience, journaling - by whatever techique you happen to like - is inexpensive therapy. It collects our thoughts, allows us to ventilate, and most importantly, allows us to keep track of what we've gone through. It facilitates enormous catharsis.

My favorite journaling outcome is that I can say, " I may be stressed or struggling right now, but look what I've made it through! This is a relatively easier time. I can certainly make it through this."

Simply put, journaling reminds us that we are stronger than we might believe at any given moment.

Look for "From Complications to Grace: A Family Doctor's Journey" sometime this winter. It won't be boring. And I'm open to any modifications of my working title. I remember that Steve's preferred title for the first book was "Steve Williams is Sexually Gifted."

Journaling keeps our humor accessible, even when we are grieving.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD

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