Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steve's Friends and Family Celebrate His Life at Lake Washington Rowing Club

Steve and Linda

On Sunday May 15, Steve's friends and family celebrated his wonderful life with a party at Seattle's Lake Washington Rowing Club.

The venue had been selected for two reasons: 1) I'm a rower and member of the club, and 2) the club is located approximately where Speakerlab used to be.

We had easily 130-150 people in attendance, with live music provided by Bob Bost, Alecia Healey, and Larry Murante. Everyone brought food, and we gave out picture cards of Steve, and CDs of Bob Bost's song "Fight the Good Fight" - a song Bob dedicated to Steve before his kidney transplant. Many people spoke - most special, of course, was daughter Brita. The energy was amazing: Steve's impact had been so broad in scope! All the lives he had influenced, the careers he'd shaped!

The event brought out a few old photos. Here are some favorites:

Steve and Brita pose for a Seattle Times feature about the Bainbridge Island home Steve helped design. Brita was 7 at the time; She'll be 16 in June.

Steve at a baby shower for niece Michelle, just prior to his kidney transplant in 2/09.
Steve at our wedding in 1/08

There's no way to convey the loss we feel, but it's enormous. The cost of Steve living the way he was - with significant suffering - was far too high. As much as I loved Steve with all my heart and soul, I couldn't bear to think he was living for me in such agony.

At the party, I realized that I was one of the new kids on Steve's block. Many of his friends had known him for 40-50 years. I had known him for only six. But we had in six years what many couples don't achieve in decades. We were each loved...truly the other.

I wish to convey my deep appreciation to Michael and Andrea Ramage for hosting this event, and to the many others who contributed as well.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD

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  1. Dear Linda, I can't tell you how sorry we both are that we couldn't attend Steve's memorial. He has been huge part of my life since the the mid 70's and as I have said before it is doubtful David and I would have met had it not been for Steve. He was like family and we saw each other through some amazingly fun times and some equally amazingly difficult times. Had we not moved to Nevada I'm certain we would have had a way better chance to get to know you much better and to help care for Steve during these past years of illness. As they say, he is gone but never forgotten. Take care. much love to you and Brita Carolyn