Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steve's Story

Since Steve died, I've had requests on how to get ahold of the book I wrote.

Order "Complications: A Doctor's Love Story," through A Kindle version is also available on

"Complications" covers Steve's first year of renal failure - there's a lot of medical content, but I wrote it to be understandable for those who don't speak "medicine." It also covers our first meeting, our love story, our creation of a new family in midlife. The chapter on Brita is my personal favorite!

"Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home: 'The Underwear Factor'" is clearly written for a niche of folks who urgently need a practical step-by-step guide. Co-authored by Interior Designer Jane McClure, this book helps people maintain their homes and lives - performing critical medical treatments at home while not feeling like you live in an ICU! It can also be ordered through, with a Kindle version available on Amazon.

Thank you for your interest.

Take care.
Linda Gromko, MD

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