Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rowing Through the Winter is a Lesson in Balance

I love rowing: sculling, sweep rowing. I'm not good at it; in fact, I'm headed on a vertical pitch to mediocrity. But I love it. It's great exercise. It's being out on the water. It's seeing the dynamic working waterfront - where crab fishermen prepare their ships to seek that "Deadliest Catch." Watching the birds organize themselves for their annual journey south, watching salmon jumping, and catching a glimpse of a seal now and then. It's lasting friendships with other rowers, pre-Title IX women finally claiming their own athleticism. Rowing is noticing traffic on freeways and bridges all around - all the while knowing that you're in a tiny boat, tucked away from the fray.

While onlookers perceive rowing to be an upper body sport, it's really all about legs. Legs and balance!

Rich with metaphors, rowing allows me the opportunity to examine balance in my own life. This winter, I'll row regularly with a friend or two, as we did several years ago. Even wipng the ice from our boats, winter rowing was a triumphant experience. Buoyed by a sense of moral superiority, we'd return to our boathouse knowing we'd done it once again!

For me, rowing affords an opportunity for self-care: physical fitness, fun, and obligatory meditation for my busy mind.

Join me at as I learn something about much-needed Balance.

Take care. Linda Gromko, MD

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  1. When things are bad do you say, "Oh "Row" is me?"
    And when you're not sure what to do you say, "To be "oar" not to be!" :-)

    Here's to finding balance and stress reduction!