Friday, June 25, 2010

Steve Makes a Break for It!

In the hospital since March 2, 2010, Steve's got cabin fever! He's making good progress. We are hoping to get him home in July. But Steve apparently tried to escape!!

Here are the photos and comments of George Mead, Steve's very long-term friend (and the son of my junior high math teacher!). In the first photo, we see Steve with one of his Physical Therapists, Kelli.

As George says (all in fun), "Kelli does her best to keep Steve in her life, but Steve needs his freedom. He does his best to let Kelli down gently."

(Likely story!)

In the photo at left, George says, "Steve jacks up his courage with an unauthorized beverage. To the untrained eye he's just enjoying the passing scene at the Starbucks center at Providence Hospital. He's very close to an unguarded door."

Then, in the final photo below, George writes,

"CODE PURPLE! Steve is outside for the first time since March 2nd, 2010. His cover story is that he's a tourist who accidentally mistook the hospital for a museum.

His sister Carole lends an authentic touch as Steve mingles undetected in the outdoor plaza. It's worth noting that Seattle enjoyed its first warm day [above 75º] since September 2009. It's also worth noting that Steve isn't fully in control of his middle right hand fingers."

Steve, we can't wait to get you home!!!

What a journey! Thanks, George, for the photos and text.
Take care. Linda Gromko, MD


  1. Go, Steve! I hope there are many more days enjoying the sunshine.