Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steve and I Celebrate our Wedding Anniversary

In the midst of Home Hemodialysis, an unexpected illness of my 92-year-old Mom, my medical practice, and a host of other "stuff," Steve and I are pausing to celebrate out second wedding anniversary.

People we meet think we're an old couple. In reality, Steve and I met only five years ago, the result of my ad, "I'd like to meet a nice Democrat." That invited the rapid response, "Kerry delegate here!" We had a few nice dinners and movies out, we discovered that we had gone to the same junior high and high school (Queen Anne) with two years between us. We never knew eachother in high school, but we had many friends in common. His best friend's dad was my math teacher, and on and on.

Then, there was Brita -- Steve's full-strenth nine-year-old of whom he'd had full custody since Brita was only two! Brita wasn't ready to let anyone share her dad, least of all, some hussie from Seattle. I'll never forget the day when Brita stared me down, declaring vehemently,  "I hate every centimeter of you -- get used to it!"

And THEN, there was End Stage Renal Failure, dropping suddenly into our world with its life-altering details. During our Home Dialysis Training at the Northwest Kidney Centers, Steve and I decided to make it official. Two years ago today, we pledged to love in sickness and in health. I remember our lovely little wedding at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal: Steve on Home Dialysis, my grown son Tim still finding himself, and a new daughter perched on the brink of adolescense.

But we've made it through two uncertain years, tackling each problem with courage and determination. So far, we're winning.

Would I do it again? For a man who knows me better than anyone on the planet, for a man who loves me unconditionally, for a daughter who is growing into a beautiful, articulate young woman?

Unconditionally, yes.

Happy Anniversary, Stephen. I love you.

Take care. Linda Gromko, MD


  1. Wow! Two years already! Best wishes to both of you, Brita and Tim as well. I do hope your mom gets back home soon, Linda.
    You two really know how to inspire people and I am so proud to be part of the family.

  2. Lois, thank you for your good wishes, and -- on so many levels -- you assistance and support. Your gift of hope has been remarkable in getting Steve through a tough time. Thank you!

  3. Being on the recieving end of Dr. Gromko's love and care is something beyond my imagination. Our family, while not perfect, is solid and growing. Thank you Linda. The years have been few but rich.....more to come