Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And now...on Kindle!

For Kindle readers, two books of interest to the Dialysis Community:

"Arranging Your Life When Dialysis Comes Home: 'The Underwear Factor'" by Linda Gromko, MD and Interior Designer Jane McClure,  is now available on Kindle through $6.99

This book helps the reader set up a Home Dialysis Center: from space planning, to storage, to low-cost/high-impact designer decor. It also addresses the all-important issues of caregiver support and prevention of caregiver burnout. This book begins where Home Training leaves off, guiding the reader through the early days of Home Hemo or Home Peritoneal Dialysis. Recognizing that Renal Failure can take up much of your life, this book helps the Dialysis Family run a safe, effective, and comfortable Home Dialysis Center--and reclaim a life that is less tethered to illness!

"Complications: A Doctor's Love Story" by Linda Gromko, MD is now available on Kindle through, $6.99.

An implausible inheritance from a former patient prompts a Seattle family doctor to reshuffle her priorities, already out-of-balance from the demands of her profession. Browsing on the Internet with "I'd like to meet a nice Democrat," Dr. Gromko finds a life partner in Steve: gifted at banter, irreverently funny, and loyal as a beagle. While Steve brings joy, he also brings complications. For one, Steve has full custody of nine-year-old Brita, who confronts the doctor with "I hate every centimeter of you; get used to it!" But the more serious complication is Steve's health. Known to have diabetes and high blood pressure for years, Steve falls precipitously into the abyss of Acute Renal Failure. Without a kidney transplant or dialysis, Steve will die within two weeks. "Complications" takes the reader on a roller coaster of medical and personal trials as Dr. Gromko exerts the most powerful advocacy of her life.

Both now on Kindle, through!

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